The 10 best places for photos in Gothenburg

At the 100 Point Challenge we are constantly looking for great places to lead our guests as part of their interactive city experiences, and Gothenburg has no shortage of Polaroid perfect spots.

The beautiful little port city on the west coast of Sweden is built on a canal, has lovely architecture dating back to the 1600s, a long coast line, a splash of pastel Nordic colouring, and a thriving art and design scene, which creates plenty of opportunities for eagled-eyes photographers.

But not all locations are created equal - so which are the top 10 locations for photos in Gothenburg?

Fontänbron (Fountain Bridge)

We thought we’d start with a classic place to take photos in Central Gothenburg. At fontänbron (fountain bridge), you will find the famous lejon trappan (lion stairs), which is a preferred place for people to sit and eat lunch or have a fika, but also provides great photography opportunities looking down the canal towards the German Church.

IMG_8717 2.JPG


If you walk along the main shopping street known as “Avenyn” away from the city and towards the Museum of Art, you will reach Götaplatsen. The main feature on the square is a large fountain known as Poseidon, which was created by Karl Milles, a famous Swedish sculptor. With a fish in one hand and a shell in the other, Poseidon stands tall. Photos work well from the top of the stairs or shooting towards the Museum, depending on the time of day and the light available.

Jussi Björlings Plats

There are many places you could go to take a photo of the “lipstick”, Gothenburg’s most iconic inner city building. But one of our favourites is Jussi Björlings Plats, which is in front of the Gothenburg Opera House. If you wander down this way you’ll also get a great view of the Barking Viking ship, and can sit and enjoy the ocean (provided it’s not one of Gothenburg’s horrible windy days!).


Palmhuset (The Palm House)

Trädgårdsföreningen is an inner city park that is a very popular place for a walk or to sit and eat lunch in the summer. Inside the park, there is also a glass house known as Palmhuset (The Palm House), which is open to visitors and contains a range of plants both native and from abroad. It’s a unique place for photos, as you can be inside, and feel like you have been transported to another part of the world, one far more tropical than Gothenburg!


Älvsborg bridge

Älvsborg is an urban district in the south west of Gothenburg, one which is home to Oscar II’s fortress, as well as a famous turquoise blue suspension bridge. If you go there you will find a rougher side of the city, but one which makes for some good street photography. The Älvsborg Bridge was the recent subject for a design project, one in which a lego-style painting of the old bridge pillars took place. Cool huh?

Image courtesy of DesignBoom

Image courtesy of DesignBoom

Skansen Kronan

If you want a view over the city, look no further than Skansen Kronan. You’ll get your dose of daily exercise getting up there, but it’s well worth it, with a clear day providing views as far as the eye can see. You’ll need a good zoom on your camera to do the city justice from up here, but time it right, and you can get an amazing picture at sunset (or sunrise) of the city’s skyline.



If you are a fan of nature photography, then you will want to make sure you go to Slottskogen while you’re in town. Inspired by Hyde Park in London and Skansen in Stockholm, Slottsskogen is a park with winding paths, vast lawns and a lively zoo. This is one of the best places for a classic autumn photo, with red and yellow leaves forming a carpet under your feet. You’ll also be able to photograph elks, as well as other Nordic animals in the park zoo.


The Götaälvbron (bridge) connects the island of Hisingen with the main land of Gothenburg. If you want to get a photo that really captures the port of Gothenburg, then going to Götaälvbron, although noisy and unattractive itself, is worth it. You will also get a fresh angle of the famous “Liptstick” building.

Haga Nygatan

A street photographers dream, Haga Nygatan is the central street in the cosiest suburb in Gothenburg, Haga. Cobble stone streets lined with weatherboard style houses, Haga Nygatan provides photographers with a perfect setting to capture a range of different shots. There are plenty of great places to stop for a Swedish Fika, too, which is an added bonus!


Brännö island

Although located just outside the city, we had to include an island from the Gothenburg archipelago in the list! Bränno island is located a short boat trip from Gothenburg city. It’s a lively island in the southern part of the archipelago with just over 800 inhabitants. The island is famous for its traditional summer dances and child-friendly beaches, and provides visitors with some classic archipelago photography opportunities.

So there you have it, a great variety of options when it comes to photographing the diversity of landscape, people, and places of Gothenburg.

If you are looking for a fun-way to explore many of the best photo-locations in the inner city, you can also try one of our Gothenburg City Challenges.

Mentor play the 100 Point Challenge in Stockholm and Gothenburg

Back in May (long before the summer that never ended) we wrote about Swedish social organisation Mentor SE coming to play the 100 Point Challenge in our home city, Stockholm.

Teams from Mentor SE play the 100 Point Challenge in Stockholm

Teams from Mentor SE play the 100 Point Challenge in Stockholm

For those who don’t know, Mentor provide a program for youth aged between 13 and 17 years from all different backgrounds, including Swedish and first or second generation migrants. The organisation helps to provide both individual and job-related mentorship, and also provides support to young or new parents.

Due to the success of the first event (apparently 100 Point Challenge was their “most popular event ever”!) at the end of August we held another challenge where mentors and their mentees could come down and play the game for free.

This time, the weather gods were smiling and we had 14 pairs of mentors and mentees take on Astrid’s Adventure on a balmy Stockholm evening. Once again, the group had some very impressive scores, with winning team Teaterbalarna scoring an almost-perfect 99 points!

Polaroids from teams from Mentor SE

Polaroids from teams from Mentor SE

Excitingly, we have been offering the 100 Point Challenge in a second Swedish city, Gothenburg, since the end of June. In just a few months, we have run team building events for companies of the likes of Volvo, and we are excited to be running another charity event for Mentor’s Gothenburg branch this September.

We are so happy that the 100 Point Challenge seems to be a great opportunity for mentors and mentees to get better acquainted with their city, their new language, or simply to interact with each other, their mentors, and the city in a relaxed and fun way. We look forward to continuing events with Mentor in our Swedish cities in the future.

Team building in Gothenburg

Team building in Gothenburg

We are also on the lookout for similar social organisations in the other cities that 100 Point Challenge operates (Copenhagen, Amsterdam, Sydney). If you would like to organise an event for your organisation in one of these cities, please get in touch.

You can read more about Mentor and their good work (in Swedish) here.

Our thanks to Fujifilm Nordic for their ongoing support of the 100 Point Challenge, and for sponsoring the film for our charity events.