Unique Team Building and Kick-Off Activities in Gothenburg

Gothenburg is a beautiful city situated on the west coast of Sweden and is becoming increasingly popular as a city for conferences, meetings, and events. It's also home to a number of Sweden's biggest companies.

If you are looking for ideas for team building activities or company kick-off events, then you have several options. In this article we take a look at some of the unique group activities on offer in Gothenburg, split by whether they are inside or outside, an important consideration depending on the season!

Indoor team building activities in Gothenburg

1. Gothenburg Escape Game

If you haven't played one of the many escape rooms around the world yet then you have been living under a rock! Gothenburg Escape Game is a great team building activity for small teams. Use your problem solving skills to find your way out of the bunker, or get robbing with the bank heist, the choice is yours.

Number of people: 3-6 people
Cost: Approximately 250-300 SEK per person


2. VR-World Gothenburg

For those companies who like there fun a little more futuristic, VR-World could be the place for you! There are a range of games to try and each group gets a customised experience, organised by VR-World's leader, Richard. Suitable for medium sized groups and good fun on a rainy day. Put on the VR goggles and transport yourself into a new, VR-world.

Number of people: Up to 25 people
Cost: Depends on time and people - e.g. 15 people for 2 hours = 600 SEK per person

3. On Air

Who doesn't like the idea of re-living their favourite TV game show as a contestant? At On Air that's exactly what you'll do, as you play against your colleagues in a simulated game show. Play the most popular game "24-Karat" as you enter into a 90's inspired high paced quiz, where gold is the goal. On Air is a fun and competitive way to spend some time with colleagues.

Number of people: 30 - 100 people
Cost: 895 SEK ex moms

4. Rent a Chef

Are you interested in combining dinner and team building into one? In that case you might want to try Rent A Chef, where you can co-cook a gourmet meal with your colleagues, under supervision from a professional chef. Normally you are divided into groups and cook an appetiser, main course and dessert. Take a standard menu or if you are feeling creative, design the menu yourself. A great idea for small to medium size teams where everyone can participate and you get to enjoy your hard work at the end with a (hopefully) delicious, unburnt, meal!

Number of people: 6 - 20 people
Cost: 1500 SEK per person (cooking in studio), with minimum charge 9500 SEK / 795 SEK pp & 1500 SEK service charge (cooking at office) 


Outdoor team building activities in Gothenburg

1. High Adventure - Forest Ropes Course

If you are looking to get out of the city for a while and to get the adrenaline pumping, then a trip out to high adventure could be a great activity for your team. Not for the faint hearted, the forest ropes course gives you the opportunity to challenge yourself and face your fears on a series of different obstacle courses at various heights above the ground. High adventure is located just outside of Gothenburg city in a nature reserve, so requires a bit of extra time for those staying in the city. 

Number of people: 8- 50
Cost: 390 SEK (excluding MOMS) per person

2. Guided Kayak Tour

If you are looking for something else active to do with your colleagues during the summer, a guided kajak trip in the Gothenburg archipelago might be just the right thing! See the beautiful ocean and islands near Gothenburg on a guided tour. All equipment is provided as well as instructions on how to paddle, for those who haven't been kajaking before. Although collaboration is not needed for kajaking, you do get an opportunity to interact with your colleagues in a different environment. 

Number of people: 5- 50
Cost: 795 SEK per person


3. Femkamp at Liseberg

A very traditional Swedish activity is "Femkamp", difficult to translate directly to English but it basically means 5Fight / 5Battle, where you play in teams and compete in 5 different challenges. To do this at the amusement park Liseberg is a uniquely Gothenburg experience. You can pick from a number of different games available at the amusement park and combine this into a fun team challenge.

Number of people: Unlimited
Cost: 295 SEK per person

4. 100 Point Challenge Gothenburg

Of course we couldn't finish off this article without mentioning the 100 Point Challenge, Gothenburg's newest outdoor team building activity. The 100 Point Challenge is a race, a game, and a quiz. It's 2 hours of adrenaline-fuelled fun, where teams race around the city completing various challenges as they compete for the highest score. Many of the challenges are photo-based, with Polaroid cameras providing a great medium for people to capture and take home their memories from the day. It's great for groups of all sizes, and when you want something active and engaging for staff.

Number of people: 6 - 200
Cost: 385 SEK (excluding MOMS) per person