6 fun team activities in Copenhagen

6 fun team activities in Copenhagen

We all enjoy getting out of the office from time to time to do something fun with our colleagues. If you are looking for a unique team building activity for your company kick off in Copenhagen then we have a few ideas for you. Let’s start the list with something peculiar, and strangely Copenhagen...

1. #BeeSustain team building

Copenhagen is home to many environmental organisations, campaigns and initiatives generating awareness about sustainability. Don't worry, we won't tell you to make a sculpture from recycled trash... This team building activity will show you team spirit from some of the best team players in the world (bees!!), with hands-on knowledge and tools to make a positive impact. Put on your protective bee suits and visit the bees at Bybi - Urban Beekeepers of Copenhagen. Go for a walk in the honey factory which always smells of sun and summer, hear about the work of the City Bee Project and taste honey from the different neighbourhoods of Copenhagen. Hear about the wonderful world of bees in the buzzing insect garden, and bring home a free glass of tasty honey. Where else would you want to be? (Sorry couldn’t help it…) 


2. Bryggens Kayak Polo

If you combine kayaking, water polo, soccer, and basketball, you might end up with something like kayak polo. It's a fun contact sport that can be played by anyone (*anyone who can swim!). The truth is that it is really hard to be good at kayak polo, and that's what makes it really fun. It will be a game of coincidences, laughter and trying to push the competitor into the water. Yes, that's allowed. Bryggens Kajakpolo is located right in the center of Islands Brygge. Not sold on the idea already? What if I told you there is the option of a hot bath after the game!


3. CopenHot New Nordic Wellness

It’s fair to say the weather in Copenhagen can be a bit problematic. Especially if you're planning your teambuilding outside of those 5 blue sky days we call summer. But do not despair, you can still enjoy the water and the best harbour views in Copenhagen in any weather. Take your team to CopenHot in Refshaleøen and enjoy a wilderness-like feel in an urban setting. CopenHot uses sea water and heats it with firewood. The stationary outdoor Hot Tubs and Panoramic Sauna provide a stunning view of the harbour skyline. You can even take a cruise around the harbour in one of the unique Sailing Hot Tubs... sailed by their Captain!

4. Flyboarders

What if your team is a bunch of adrenaline junkies that have tried every bungy jump and high roping adventure in the city? Maybe it's time to learn to fly. From a distance Flyboard looks like a pair of jet shoes from the future. It is actually a board connected by a long hose to a watercraft. Water is forced under pressure to a pair of boots with jet nozzles underneath which provide thrust for the rider to fly up to 15 metres in the air! And there you go, you're a Superhero. Flyboarders.dk instructors will guide you through the day and take care of safety during your team adventure.


5. Khora – Virtual Reality

Because there’s no reality like virtual reality! Diving with sharks? Shooting competition? Or test your vertigo by walking on a plank? You can do it all in Virtual Reality (VR). In a 2h - 3h workshop, you will be able to try VR & AR and be inspired by the possibilities of immersive tech. Having hosted over 600 workshops for multidisciplinary teams, Khora is experienced in finding the perfect balance of fun and serious play for your team. Plus, there is the added benefit of watching your colleague make a fool of themselves while wearing goggles...

6. Take a challenge with 100 Point Challenge

Whether your company wants to showcase Copenhagen for your foreign guests (try Anne's Adventure), or you want to give your international or Danish teams a new experience of the city (try Gorm's Glory or Lars’ Lark), you can test their problem solving skills, creativity, logic, navigation, and teamwork with 100 Point Challenge.

We specialise in analogue city experiences for kickoffs, company team building days and conferences, where it’s you vs the city. Each team is given their own race pack (complete with polaroid camera) and has two hours to race around the city and score as many points as possible… It’s tougher than you’d think!

Get in touch and book a challenge today.