8 Best Cafes in: Gamla Stan

8 Best Cafes in Gamla Stan

1. Fabrique

Wie don’t mind eating something sweet here at the 100 Point Challenge, therefore Fabrique is a personal favourite. For fresh baked treats as well as beautiful bread, we find ourselves frequenting Fabrique. The coffee is also good quality, including decent milk-based options for those who haven’t quite made the conversion to Swedish bryggkaffe (filter coffee).

Best for: sweet tooth, bread-lovers, take-away

2. Under Kastanjen

We wrote about Under Kastanjen and it’s magical square Brända Tomten in our article on the best things to do in Gamla stan.

Whilst there are visual treats outside, there are tasty treats on the inside- this cafe boasts not one but TWO bakeries, and delivers some seriously good fika fare- all the usual traditional Swedish cakes, plus some interesting additions.

The coffee is reasonable, and you can get a nice dagens lunch of either soup or warm sandwiches. There are also a la carte options, if you feel like something more substantial.

Best for: pretty location, tasty sweets

The islands of Gamla Stan and Riddarholmen Photo credit: Henrik Trygg

The islands of Gamla Stan and Riddarholmen Photo credit: Henrik Trygg

3. Cafe Dox

The interiors of Cafe Dox are a bit like your lounge room has been transported to a cave- comfy armchairs and couches inside an underground dungeon. It can be quite relaxing to sit in here after the busyness of Gamla Stan’s tourist trail, and the staff are relaxed and don’t mind if you stay a while. This is a perfect spot to have a drink and recharge.

Best for: Cool underground building, comfortable seating, relaxed atmosphere, winter retreat

4. Mäster Olofsgården

As well as hosting a cafe, Mäster Olofsgården is a cultural institution, and aims to improve the lives of children and young people who live in the Old Town. The organisation operates one of Stockholm's oldest leisure centers and provides courses and events for the local community.

Located a few metres from Stortorget, the cafe has a lovely courtyard garden (a premium in Stockholm!), where you can sit with your coffee and snack and enjoy the medieval surrounds.

Best for: lovely courtyard garden, community significance

Cafes on Stortorget Photo credit: Jeppe Wikström

Cafes on Stortorget Photo credit: Jeppe Wikström

5. Chokladkoppen

You couldn’t ask for a better location than medieval Stortorget, which is only a short walk from the Royal Castle. This cafe is distinguishable for the building, which makes regular appearances on fridge magnets and postcards, and also for the rainbow flag hanging out the front, representing the cafe’s desire to be an inclusive, inviting place to gorge on all things chocolate.

In the warmer weather, sitting outside in the alfresco area is a great way to catch some sun, and as the cafe is open late into the evening (23:00 in summer!) it’s also a good option for warm nights.

Best for: white hot chocolate, iconic location, late opening hours, inclusive atmosphere

6. Cafe Schweizer

You’ll know you’re at the right place when you see all the oranges! This cafe is famous for its delicious fresh orange juice, and we definitely recommend trying it, especially in winter- you will be instantly transported to more southern climes!

The coffee is reasonable, the sandwiches good, and the interiors quaint. 

Best for: fresh orange juice, tasty fika

Fika.... Photo credit: Tove Freij

Fika.... Photo credit: Tove Freij

7. Cafe Sten Sture

Coffee in a dungeon, anyone? Cafe Sten Sture is an interesting and historic location, famous not only because King Gustav III's assassin was detained here, but also for being part of a network of underground passages that once lead to the Royal castle.

Nowadays you can sit in one of the dungeon’s many nooks and crannies, with a hangman’s noose swinging overhead. Not exactly romantic, but definitely well worth a look.

Best for: weird historic location, curiosity factor, winter retreat

8. Cafe Järntorget

Two words- ice-cream, waffles. Visit Cafe Järntorget (‘iron square’, in Swedish) if you need more of either of these things, or both.

A lovely little spot with decent coffee, a large ice cream selection, and great window seating where you can watch the passing foot traffic over the top of your 50s-style banana split.

Best for: ice cream and waffles!