6 fun team building activities in Amsterdam

We all enjoy getting out of the office from time to time to do something fun with our colleagues. If you are looking for a unique team building activity for your company kick off in Amsterdam then we have a few ideas for you. Let’s start the list with something peculiar, and strangely Amsterdam...

Let the picturesque Amsterdam canals be your fishing ground!

Let the picturesque Amsterdam canals be your fishing ground!


Looking for an activity where you are literally (not figuratively) saving the world? Well, we’ve found it. Eco warriors and concerned corporate citizens, gather round-  scavenge for garbage, and pay for it, too!

This team building activity is organised by social enterprise Plastic Whale, whose mission is to make the world’s waters plastic-free by turning scavenged or ‘fished’ plastic into useful objects, such as boats and even furniture.

With the picturesque waterways of Amsterdam as your fishing ground, you can spend a few hours with a friendly and knowledgeable skipper, on a boat made from salvaged plastic, of course. Plastic Whale even awards two prizes: one to the team with the most fished plastic waste, and one for the weirdest object dredged from the bottom of the canals...

A perfect team building activity for those seeking something a little more leisurely, and to heighten their team’s attention to detail and focus.

Check out Plastic Whale’s offerings and book tickets here


Looking to take your team somewhere hot and sweaty while in Amsterdam, so they can release some pent-up stress? Look no further than Up’s Amsterdam Escape Room Morte Frio. You and your team will be transported into a South American-themed nightmare where guerilla cartels, kidnapping, murders, Amazonian hijacks and sophisticated hostage scenarios are the norm. This is sure to keep your team on their toes.

A perfect team building activity for small groups (maximum 7 per game), this mobile escape room activity can be played at any location (a cafe, your office, seedy alley) so is perfect for those wanting something flexible.

Check out prices here


Make like Bond in South East Asia and barrel through the streets of Amsterdam in your very own tuk tuk! This weird cross-cultural activity will be even more fun as your destination is some of Amsterdam’s most authentic breweries!

Less team-building and more boozey romp, this activity is perfect for companies just wanting to show their employees a good time, and for having a novel experience of Amsterdam. And OH&S managers can relax- your team won’t be the ones actually driving.

Find out more here

Give your team a novel experience of Amsterdam

Give your team a novel experience of Amsterdam


Because there’s no reality like virtual reality! This list would be incomplete without VR Game House Amsterdam, which is conveniently located right in the centre of Dam Square in the Red Light District, and offers the first (and best) VR experience in Amsterdam.

Get your team flying, shooting, painting, firing a bow and arrow, skiing, or even racing in a VR pod, complete with pedals, flippers (?) and high-end steering wheel!

Plus, there is the added benefit of watching your colleague make a fool of themselves while wearing goggles.

Check out their website for more.


Giving a whole new meaning to playing on the ‘green’, Amsterdam’s only fluorescent golf course, Glow Golf, is a great opportunity for your colleagues to get competitive but not too serious. Enjoy the visual delights of the weird and wonderful courses, test out your hand-eye coordination and find out once and for all who is most likely to win clients with their golf game.

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Challenge Leader Dan in central Amsterdam 

Challenge Leader Dan in central Amsterdam 


Whether your company wants to showcase Amsterdam for your foreign guests (try Amstel’s Adventure), or you want to give your international or Dutch teams a new experience of the city (try Dam’s Discovery or Havlaar’s Hunt), you can test their problem solving skills, creativity, logic, navigation, and teamwork with a 100 Point Challenge.

We specialise in analogue city experiences for kick offs, company team building days and conferences, where it’s you vs the city. Each team is given their own race pack (complete with polaroid camera) and has two hours to race around the city and score as many points as possible… It’s a lot tougher than you’d think!

Starting out in Stockholm, we are now in 5 cities around the world, and are so excited to be sharing Amsterdam with you.

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