What is the 100 Point Challenge?

It’s a race. A game. A quiz. It’s the most fun way to explore Stockholm. And it’s a whole lot tougher than you’d think...

How to play?

Solve the clues, navigate the city, and use our Polaroid cameras to complete challenges. Compete with others as you race around the city - then be the first team back with the highest score! 

It’s you vs. the city. Ready to play?

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There are 2 specially designed Christmas edition challenges to play. But which challenge is right for you?

Astrid’s Adventure

AA - Christmas edition.png

New in town? Curious how goats and toxic fish relate to Christmas? Try Astrid’s Adventure for a great introduction to Stockholm and Swedish Christmas tradition. Recommended for those with no or little knowledge of the city.

Björn’s Battle

BB - Christmas edition.png

Living in Stockholm? Think you've already mastered all the jule-sual Swedish Christmas trivia? Take on Björn’s Battle and let’s see who wins. Recommended for those with some knowledge of the city.

How much is it?

385 SEK per person (8 minimum)

When can we play?

We have Christmas edition challenges available throughout December. Note that the game must be played during daylight hours, which means starting between 9 and 13.

How to book

Please contact us using the form below.

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