Which challenge is right for us?

If you are a group visiting Copenhagen we recommend you play Anne's Adventure for a fun and interactive introduction to the city. If you live in Copenhagen you have two options- Gorm's Glory, our intermediate level challenge (good for groups with mixed levels of knowledge), and Lars’ Lark, for those who know Copenhagen well and enjoy a tougher challenge!

Would you like to put a personal touch on the experience? Check out our options to customise your challenge.


Ready to play? You’re in good company.


“ We were divided into teams, which consisted of participants with different levels of knowledge about the history and geography of Copenhagen. Our guide gave us all a tote bag with a camera and questions to complete. It was a fun way to see the city, because of the competition and all the different challenges. I also learnt something during our 100 point challenge. I would definitely recommend this event to others as a fun way to learn about the attractions and geography of Copenhagen. “