Company team building

We specialise in organising small and large group events - company kick-offs, company team building, conference groups, project and season activations, customer engagement and everything in between.

Get out of the office and into the city for 2 adrenaline-fuelled hours of creative thinking, problem solving, logic and against-the-clock collaboration. We have worked with local and international companies to enhance cohesion, trust and communication within their teams. 

Companies we've worked with

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Choosing your challenge

Are you from a far away land? Play Alicia's Adventure. Are you a mix of locals and expats, or Swedes not from Gothenburg - play Hasselblad’s Hunt. Mainly Gothenburg natives in your group - maybe you’ll brave our toughest challenge, Glenn’s Glory. But be warned, it's not easy.

Want to play after the sun goes down?

No problems. Just select “After Dark” and whether you are visiting or local.

Still not sure which game to play? Maybe we can help…

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Important information

Where do we meet?
Drottningtorget 10 (at the front entrance to Clarion Hotel Post), Gothenburg.

Do we need to bring anything?
Just energy and enthusiasm... we’ll provide the rest, like your Polaroid camera, challenge questions and a map.

What should we wear?
Comfortable shoes for walking, and clothes suitable for the weather.