Frequently Asked Questions

Can ANYONE play?

Of course! Adults, kids, tourists, locals, pets - everyone is welcome! And because kids under 8 play free, it’s a great family activity. Just make sure you’re able to walk comfortably for the 2 hour game session.

How many people can play?

Teams are usually 2-5 people (we think 3-4 players is the perfect size). Of course you can still play if you’re solo – we’ll simply team you up with other players, as it’s much more fun in a group. Depending on numbers, we might also group smaller teams together – if you don’t want to play with others please let us know when you book.

There’s space for 16 players on our Friday and Saturday morning games. Got a bigger group? Talk to us about a private booking.

Where do we play?

You start and finish the game in the old town (Gamla Stan) but will explore other parts of central Stockholm during the game. We meet at the Gamla Stan train station for our Friday and Saturday morning games, or if you have a private booking we’ll make plans with you directly.

What should I bring?

Lots of energy and your thinking caps. We’ll provide the rest, like your Polaroid camera, questions and a map.

Do I need to know anything about Stockholm?

Not at all. If you’re new to the city Astrid’s Adventure is perfect for visitors and tourists. But if you do know the city, why not test your knowledge with Björn’s Battle or Gustav’s Glory?

Is it in English?

You can play in English or Swedish, it’s up to you. Your 100 Point Challenge leader will speak both languages. Just ask for the questions in which language you want.


The team sizes are 2-5 people, with the optimal team size being 3-4. On a Saturday morning, we may group people together when necessary. If you do not want to be grouped with others, please make this known to us when you sign up. If you are alone, please sign up and we will put you into a team.


Not yet! Will you be the first team to do it? The highest scores for each game so far are:

  • Astrid's Adventure - Insiders - 95 points
  • Björn's Battle - Banana Gang - 93 points
  • Gustav's Glory - Vikings - 85 points

What happens if it rains?

We play on! It’s smart to have a waterproof jacket with you just in case.

WHAT do we win?

Glory. Satisfaction. A greater knowledge of Stockholm and a real feeling of achievement! And Swedish chocolate...


Of course. Your photos are yours to take away as souvenirs of your game, so be sure to take nice ones!

Further questions?

If there’s anything else you need to know, please contact us.