Outdoor team building

Get out of the office and into the city for 2 adrenaline-fuelled hours of creative thinking, problem solving, logic and against-the-clock collaboration. Here at 100 Point Challenge we take team building seriously, and have worked with local and international companies to enhance cohesion, trust and communication within their teams.

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How does it work?

For private team building we have an 8 person minimum. We offer two packages, both come with optional catering (sandwiches).

Standard package: 385 SEK per person, ex VAT (8 person minimum)
Our standard package is great when you want an easy, ready-to-go activity for your team. In our standard team building package we provide you with all the challenge materials, dedicated challenge leaders, and a prize for the winning team.

Premium package: 485 SEK per person, ex VAT (8 person minimum)
Our premium team building package is perfect for entertaining foreign partners or guests during their visit, or helping your new talent to hit the ground running in Stockholm. We offer the opportunity to customise your challenge with company-specific content and branding, in addition to providing you with dedicated challenge leaders and a premium prize for the winning team. 

Sandwich catering is provided at a cost of 300 SEK per team. 

Choosing your challenge

Are you from a far away land? Play Astrid's Adventure. Are you a mix of locals and expats, or Swedes not from Stockholm? Then we recommend playing Björn’s Battle. This intermediate level game will definitely test your knowledge but ensure everyone is involved. Mainly Stockholmers on your team? Then brave our toughest challenge, Gustav’s Glory. But be warned, it’s not easy! Still not sure? Use our infographic to find out!

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When can we play?

We can start your challenge any time during daylight hours.

Where do we meet?

We normally begin the games at Svartmangatan 18 in Gamla Stan. Tell us what you’re thinking and we’ll make it happen.


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