Outdoor Team Building

Get out of the office and into the city for 2 adrenaline-fuelled hours of creative thinking, problem solving, logic and against-the-clock collaboration.

Choosing your challenge

Are you a mix of locals and expats? Then we recommend playing Björn’s Battle. This intermediate level game will definitely test your knowledge but ensure everyone is involved.

Mainly Swedes on your team? Maybe you’ll brave our toughest challenge, Gustav’s Glory. But be warned, it’s not easy!

What does it cost?

You can have as few as 6 people in your group – or as many as 50. The more players, the better the value.

6-24 players: 300 SEK per person (excluding VAT)

25+ players: 250 SEK per person (excluding VAT)

When and where?

We can start your group challenge any time you like (during daylight hours April to October inclusive). We usually begin the games at Gamla Stan train station but are flexible if you have another preference (within Gamla Stan). Tell us what you’re thinking and we’ll make it happen.

Let's play!

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“The whole team really enjoyed the game, the cameras are a great touch and we loved the challenges. It was an inspiring way to explore Stockholm city, and harder than we expected!”
— Novartis Sverige, March 2017