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Saturday May 4th, 2019

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Join us for a fun, social, matchmaking challenge! 

YouViaMe and 100 Point Challenge have teamed up for a unique event on Saturday May 4th. 

Play the game, discover Stockholm, and meet other single people at the same time. 

YouViaMe is a matchmaking app where people you know become your matchmaker. During this event with 100 Point Challenge, you won’t only meet new people, you’ll also become each others matchmakers. Come by, have fun and let’s spread the love together. 

After the game there will be fika, which is included in the price, and a chance to socialise with the whole group.

EVENT information

Date: Saturday 04/05/2019
Time: 14:00-17:00
Meeting location: Svartmangatan 18, Gamla Stan
What to bring: Just yourselves (comfortable shoes), we’ll provide the rest!
Cost: 385 SEK per person

How does it work?

Buy your ticket for the event. On the day, you will be put into a team of 4 people. Your team will compete against other teams for 2 hours, during which you will get to meet and bond with your teammates! After the game, we’ll have fika together as a group, and find out who won the game.

What is YouViaMe?

YouViaMe is a dating application with a difference- you can suggest matches for your single friends, and if they agree, send them on a date! YouViaMe was founded by Isabelle Edlund, who will be co-hosting the event.

What is the 100 Point Challenge?

The 100 Point Challenge is a race, a game, and a quiz. It’s the perfect way to socialise in a fun, casual setting, while engaging with the city. 100 Point Challenge was founded by Dan Paech, who will be co-hosting the event.