5 fun activities for a bachelorette party in Copenhagen

5 fun activities for a bachelorette party in Copenhagen

Congratulations! After many long years as the dedicated BFF you have been promoted to Maid of Honour. Hooray!!

Now please organise a party for 20+ people you don't know…. preferably in a foreign country.

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Do not despair. We’re here to help you.

Copenhagen is a great choice for a girls' weekend. It's chic, it's hip and it’s stunningly beautiful. In summer you can hit the beaches and harbour pools; in winter, wander festive streets strung with fairy lights and cozy, candlelit cafés. There’s cool design at every turn, the food scene is buzzing, and just about everyone speaks English. It’s great.

Once you’re set with a destination, you’ll need to plan some serious bonding. Here are 5 fun activities in Copenhagen to make your hen-do an unforgettable, once-in-a lifetime experience.

1. A City Exploration Game

Engaging in a game is a great way to break the ice at a bachelorette party and get the party started. 100 Point Challenge combines fun, teamwork (bonding!), sightseeing and a bit of strategy and problem solving. It's an adrenaline-fuelled, city exploration game, with participants racing against the clock and each other to solve a series of challenges, navigating their way around Copenhagen and collecting points as they go.

Polaroid cameras are a great addition to the game- ensuring everyone takes home physical memories from the day. The bride won’t be forgetting the day you organised for her when she sees the pictures on the fridge! The 100 Point Challenge is an inclusive experience suitable for all the (single) ladies.

Location: Rådhuspladsen
Price: 300 DKK/p.p.


2. High Roping

Is your bride a real Badass? No way you could put a tiara and sash on this lady? Try Urban Ranger Camp and their World's Highest indoor High Roping Track. Rappelling, Wall Climbing, Balance Barriers and Sky Surf… It's the dream of every adrenaline junky. You can choose between 2 and 4 activities for your event. Our recommendation - Big Swing – the ultimate free-fall swing trip. Of course, everything takes place under maximum security and you will be closely guided and coached by an instructor.

Location: B&W shipyard halls on Refshaleøen.
Price: between 2000 DKK and 12000 DKK depending on group size and activities.


3. Aerial Silk Acrobatics

You want to hang out with the bride right… literally? Aerial Silk, also called Tissue, comes from the circus world. The silk is hung from the ceiling and is long enough to at least reach the floor, divided into two silk pieces to make acrobatic tricks and exercises. The activity has sometimes been described as yoga meets gymnastics.

During the lesson you will try some basic combinations and maybe even be challenged with a little drop... if you dare!

Location: Pole Republic, Marguerite Vibys Pl. 7, 2000 Frederiksberg
Price: 175-275 DKK/p.p. depending on the package


4. Virtual Reality Experience

Feel like you might be a little tired of spending time with the girls in the real world? Dive into a virtual reality where nothing is real, and you can really let your hair down. Limitless take the VR-experience to the next level where VR is not just a visual wonder but a whole body experience. Your party will be equipped with the newest, best and most advanced VR-equipment available in this world right now, and you'll be able to choose between many  immersive journeys and games. Perfect for releasing your inner geek!

Location: Limitless Reality, Nørregade 36, 1165 Copenhagen
Price: 250 DKK/p.p


5. Horseback Riding

Experience the beautiful Danish nature surrounding Copenhagen with friendly Danish… oh no wait… Icelandic, horses. You can help groom and saddle up the horses too, if you want to. This can be a good way to connect with the horse prior to the riding experience. In small groups you take an intimate tour to a beautiful beach or a peaceful forest, the perfect spot to prank the bride…

Location: Tømmerupvej 261, Dragør
Price: 350-650 DKK/p.p.


So there it is- 5 different activities that will keep your bride-zilla smiling throughout her trip to Copenhagen!

City Manager
100 Point Challenge, Copenhagen