Custom games- your city, your challenge


Do not miss out on the opportunity to bring your employees, colleagues, friends or customers a unique and engaging city experience. A custom version of the 100 Point Challenge is one designed with your specific needs in mind. It can be used to:

  • Build social cohesion in your team

  • On-board and train new employees

  • Engage customers with your product or service

  • Educate people about a particular topic

  • Add personalisation to your event

We work with you to tailor and integrate custom-themed challenges into our regular game format, bringing our creative flare to any topic, theme or idea! From internal training to customer outreach - we know how to execute memorable events.

Add one of three levels of customisation

The light touch

The challenge stays the same (pick any level in your city), but you add 3 custom bonus questions of your choice.

HOW MUCH?: €75 + VAT*
LEAD TIME: 1-2 weeks
BEST SUITED TO: Spoiling the birthday boy/girl, highlighting a project, doing something special for the bride/groom

* Price is a one-off cost additional to the standard per person challenge cost

The middle ground

Take advantage of our fully-tested challenge structure and city area, but fill the experience with fun and engaging content relevant to your organisation, theme or topic- make your experience fun, educational, adventurous or inspiring- it’s up to you!

HOW MUCH?: €600 + VAT*
LEAD TIME: 2-3 weeks
BEST SUITED TO: A themed activity for regular on-boarding, a stand alone event to entertain your foreign guests or colleagues, a company-themed challenge for your employees, companies looking to engage their customers through experiential marketing

* This is a one-off cost additional to the standard per person challenge cost

The whole 9 yards

A complete custom experience for your city in your location

Let us use our expertise in designing city challenges for different target markets all over the world to create an experience that is unique to you and your organisation. We work with you to tailor and integrate every aspect of our standard 22 challenge format, including the experience location and area, according to your needs and preferences.

HOW MUCH?: Price on request.
LEAD TIME: 7-8 weeks
BEST SUITED TO: Product activations, large sporting events, industry-wide conferences and events, hosting large foreign clients or company launches

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Case study- Flow Traders, Amsterdam

As part of Flow Traders on-boarding day for new employees, they wanted to incorporate a fun team activity to enhance social cohesion. The 100 Point Challenge was asked to design a challenge that would include a mix of challenges related to trading and finance, as well as company-specific challenges, to test if the new hires had been paying attention! The challenge questions were intended to help new employees get to know each other better, learn more about the Amsterdam, and consolidate the knowledge they had been taught during their training day.

For our new joiners we wanted to organize a fun event after their onboarding. From one of our colleagues we heard about the 100 point challenge game. After a nice and informative talk with Dan we planned our first event. On the day itself the weather was perfect. The group was around 25 people divided into 5 groups. The game was super fun, challenging, competitive and a nice way to learn you way around the city, even if you have lived here for some time already. Looking forward to our next event hosted by the 100 point challenge game! :)
— Sandra, HR Manager at Flow Traders


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