Team building in Stockholm

Effective team-building turns employees into purpose-driven evangelists for their company and their coworkers.
— Forbes, 14 January 2016

During 2017 we had the pleasure of working with some fun, innovative companies, who took the 100 Point Challenge as an office team-building activity. Though the words ‘office team building’ have been known to produce collective sighs of exasperation, studies have shown that (particularly for millenials) effective team-building can increase staff productivity, engagement, collaboration and even improve retention levels.

A group from the Tallink IT Department

A group from the Tallink IT Department

I would definitely recommend the game as a team building activity since it offers a perfect balance between competition and teamwork.
— Trip Advisor Review 2017

For this reason, there is a trend towards increased investment in team-building, whether it be escape rooms (check out Questrooms if you are here in Stockholm) or segway polo in Djurgården.

Here at 100 Point Challenge, we approach team building in a way that blends creativity, traditional problem solving, a dose of healthy competition and some good old-fashioned play. Plus, your team gets to explore beautiful Stockholm, learn a bit about its history, and take home some polaroid photos as a memento for the office fridge.

We find that activities like this align the team around a common purpose, enhances cohesion, trust and communication, and can even help to identify the role each team member is likely to play when solving a real life problem. It is also a fantastic way to troubleshoot communications or dynamics issues before they occur, in a low risk, carefree environment.

We booked the 100 Point Challenge as team building event during a business meeting… a truly fun and energizing way of seeing Gamla Stan and learning about Stockholm. Everyone was super engaged and loved the competition.
— Trip Advisor Review 2017
One of our public groups

One of our public groups

Whether you are hosting a kick-off, on-boarding new staff or entertaining guests/prospective recruits, taking the 100 Point Challenge is a great way to get your people out into the city for two hours of creative thinking, problem solving, logic and against-the-clock collaboration.

You can book a private or public challenge here.

You can also see some of the companies who have taken the challenge here.


Anna Millan

Cover photo: Jeppe Wikstrom via Visit Stockholm