10 Best Instagram Shots in Stockholm Gamla Stan

When designing the 100 Point Challenge, we spend a lot of time scouring cities for the best photo locations that they have to offer - and none more so than our hometown, beautiful Stockholm!

We wanted to share a few of our favourite instagram spots so that you can make the most of your trip to Stockholm, and take home a bunch of great photos from the trip.

The vine at Brända Tomten by Tove Freij

The vine at Brända Tomten by Tove Freij

  1. Brända Tomten square

The vine in this little square in Gamla Stan would have to take the prize for the most photographed piece of greenery in the old town. Once you get there, you will see why. Draped elegantly across a quaint street, the vine that frames triangular shaped square is particularly beautiful in autumn, when the leaves turn red. This part of Stockholm’s old town is especially gorgeous in the evening, with low, moody light. It also has some of the best cafes in Gamla Stan.

2. Storkyrkan

Many make the mistake of photographing the pastel cathedral ‘Storkyrkan’ from the front of Stockholm’s Royal Palace. We think that you get a better, more instagram-worthy photo of the cathedral from the base of Storkyrkobrinken. If you stand where this street meets Riddarhustorget, you will be in the perfect position to capture the cathedral’s mint copper roof above some quintessential orange Gama Stan buildings.

3. Prästgatan

This street is the perfect symbol of Gamla Stan, with alternating pastel hues, shuttered windows and tiny medieval doorways. Even better, the rise and fall of the street level means you can get that perfectly-framed instagram shot. We think the best section for instagram photos is between Storkyrkobrinken and Kåkbrinken.

Stockholm’s Gamla Stan is Instagram heaven. Photo credit Alina Kovalchuk

Stockholm’s Gamla Stan is Instagram heaven. Photo credit Alina Kovalchuk

4. Martin Trötzigs Gränd

Any Gamla Stan instagram list wouldn’t be complete without a shot of Stockholm’s narrowest street, Martin Trötzigs Gränd.  Worth a visit for its fascinating history alone, this 90cm wide alleyway, although a bit dark, is instagram heaven. Our best tip is to take your photo at the Prästagatan mouth of the alley, where you can make the most of its narrowness and the light.

5. Stockholm Opera House

Looking back towards Gamla Stan from the front of the Opera House, you have a great view of the Swedish Parliament, as well as the skyline of the old town. From here, you can get a clear shot of the Royal Palace over the sea, and fully appreciate its size (600 rooms!). You can also see the gardens on the lower level of the island of Helgeandsholmen, which is often missed, including the fantastic sculpture by Karl Milles, “The Sun Worshipper”.

This spot is particularly good for those using a camera with long range zoom.

6. Soder mälarstrand / Maria Hissen

Although you can see the amazing gothic facade Söder Mälarstrand from Evert Taubes Terrass, we think the best shot of Maria Hissen and clifftop surrounds is from Munkbrohamnen (tip- you can access this through the Gamla Stan tunnelbana station). From here, you will be able to get as close as possible without losing the angle.

Söder Riddarholmsgatan is another good option for a more front-on shot of the famous Södermalm cliffs.

The Södermalm cliffs by Ola Ericson

The Södermalm cliffs by Ola Ericson

7. Österlångatan

Often neglected for its much more touristy cousin, Västerlångatan, Österlångatan is arguably much prettier, and definitely much quieter, so you have more chance of a people-free photo. Running along the eastern edge of the island of Gamla Stan, this street has cosy cafes, beautiful fountains, and in winter, is framed by beautiful Christmas lights. It also features a great hill as a vantage point for those overhead, snaking street shots.

8. Stenbock Palace

In a city famous for its warm, spice coloured buildings, in our opinion Stenbock Palace is a  standout. You can see this building best from Birger Jarl’s Torg (a very important Stockholmer), directly in front of Riddarholmens Kyrkan. Like something out of a peach-hued fairy tale, this building has been working millennial pink long before it was a thing.

You will need to get there when the sun is high however, to avoid any shadows from surrounding buildings interfering with your shot.

9. Bottom of Tyskabrinken (The German Church)

The German Church is another dominating structure on the Gamla Stan skyline, but because of the narrow streets, it can be quite hard to capture it with your camera. To get both yourself and the whole steeple in the picture, the best spot is at the bottom of Tyskabrinken. We recommend going early in the morning, because during the day this street is filled with people.

Photo Henrik Trygg

Photo Henrik Trygg

10. Evert Taube’s Terrass

In a city bounded by water, there are a lot of wonderful places to take photos.

We think that Evert Taube’s Terrass on the island of Riddarholmen has one of the best views in the city- from here, you can take a shot of the formidable Stadshuset in the distance, the cute Djurgården line ferries as they make their way across Lake Mälaren, and of course the typically Swedish looking buildings perched on the top of the Södermalm cliffs. For those who are fans of the Girl with the Dragon Tattoo, you will also be able to spot the famous Bellmansgatan 1!

There are so many more places we could recommend, and we try to make the most of them when designing our challenges. If you want to see Stockholm’s old town in a new light, and take some polaroids of your own, get in touch!